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Ways to Stay Humble in This Thing Called Life

We talked a little about journaling in the last blog, but how can this help you to stay grounded and humble? Journaling your feelings and current emotions can get you to a place of genuine gratitude for things that you have in your life. You are also able to look back in the future and look at all that you have overcome. Its both a therapeutic act and a great way to reflect on your progress and experiences as a person.

Step 1: write down five things that you are grateful for.

Writing down those five things will help you put things into perspective. When I may not be having the best day this can be a great help. Realizing that I have so much to be grateful for often puts me in a place to reflect on how my current predicament is so small in comparison to the the most important things in life, such as health and family.

Step 2: list at least one thing you wanted in the past that did not turn out how you wanted it to; however it was exactly what you needed and then some.

It can be frustrating when things aren't going our way in life but I think we know deep down that it will work out in the end as it is often the case. You make the best of the situation and one day it will be just a distant memory .

Step 3: Do something nice for someone.

This can be as simple as paying for the next car behind you at the toll booth or helping someone that is struggling with grocery bags. When we do a good deed for someone else we inevitably feel great about ourselves. These actions do not need to be recognized or even noticed. But the satisfaction that you will feel will feel will be genuine and fulfilling.

Some ideas:

I started this ritual myself where every week I give five dollars to someone who is homeless on the street. I choose this concept because I live in a city and it is something I see on my day to day, and it can be difficult to see. If I could I would want to help everyone I pass. There is no math to it either. Whether that person looks more in need in comparison to another person or if they were the nicest or not. I just take the money out and I saw okay the next person I see that is seeking money I will give it to them. Its like leaving it up to fate as to who will receive this gesture. I like to look at it like if I can spend 5 dollars on Starbucks one day I can spend the same money to help someone.

You do not have to do exactly this, but maybe you want to make your own weekly or monthly ritual. Maybe you can donate clothes from your closet every few months, or volunteer at a soup kitchen once a month. Whatever your schedule allows or your heart is drawn to, I would say go for it! These humbling interactions and devotions will inevitably expose you to unfortunate issues in the world. When you contribute to diminishing these conflicts, you will be a part of something much bigger than the issues you may be facing in life.

I understand that some issues are bigger than others. A person that can be facing such issues and still take the time to help others is one of the most commendable things. The empathy you will have for others is a trait not everyone can embody. It is something to be proud of without a doubt.

When your actions and focus starts to change, I promise you that your life and attitude about it will too.

You can never really stumble when you're humble

Wishing you peace and prosperity.

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