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Eat ing With Intention


The saying you are what you eat is not just a saying. What you consume can greatly effect your health, mood and appearance. Diet is connected to many circumstances that effect us all in some capacity, either directly or indirectly. Diabetes, skin conditions, and the energy that we have throughout the day are just to name a few. Wellative’s mission is to provide nutritious plant-based recipes for all lifestyles and dietary restrictions through wellness’ component of the body and the best ways to serve them. And the best ways to serve our bodies can often times be individual based off of our separate needs as people. 

You do not have to be a vegan or vegetarian to be apart of this community, but we would love to provide you with some options on that may help you to incorporate them into your own diet or easier ways that you can make any transition that you have on your heart.

We not only want to provide easy to follow recipes but scientific background and studies that correlate with the nutritional values of the food that you are consuming. This way you see why what you are eating is not only yummy but beneficial.

We are so excited for you to join us on the mission to spread overall health and wellness, and this diet corner of It’s All Wellative is just the perfect start to doing this. Please share the information you use with your friends and family and let’s spread the yummy goodness of health and well through the goodness of fresh, wholesome foods.

Health starts from the inside. Let's form healthy habits, not restrictions. 

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