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Invest in yourself and join our community for exclusive access to materials and opportunites!

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  • Website Premium Membership - Clients

    Every month
    Get weekly inspiration with healthy and delicious recipes
    • Monthly one-on-One Goal Tracking/ Accountability check-ins
    • Access to exclusive blog content
    • Free participation in monthly wellness community check-ins
    • Exclusive and discounted access to wellness workshops
    • Two Customized Printables
    • Unlimited access to printables ( habit trackers etc.)
  • Premium Membership for Wellness Leaders

    Valid for 12 months
    • Access to Wellness Coaching aesthetic material bundle
    • Access to exclusive blogs/material for you and your clients
    • 10 personalize material
  • Premium Plus for Wellness Coaches

    Access to esthetically pleasing wellness content for your clients in addition to personalized digital coaching materials
    Valid for 12 months
    • Wellness Premium Plus for Clients

      Every month
      • Customizable wellness printables
      • 2 free wellness coaching sessions
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