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WATER Over Everything!

But How do You Make Consuming Water Easier?

1. Drink a glass after waking up and while getting ready for your day

Instead of that morning cup of Joe, or maybe just before, make an effort to drink at least a glass of water to get your system running. Being asleep for hours at night, your body is in need of the hydration, just as if you were awake during the day. This early start also gets your metabolism going , helps your body flush out toxins, and can also prevent you from overeating throughout the day. Adding lemon or apple cider vinegar to this first glass in the morning can greatly help with weight loss, especially in the midsection, a problem area for many.

Detox water is infused water that helps flush your system of toxins and improves your health. Many people love this infusion of water because it adds some flavor to their necessary water intake. By allowing the water to sit with the whole fruit slices in the fridge, fruits such as lemons and limes truly allow their aesthetic to infuse the water.

2. Drink water in-between snacks and meals

Between major meals some of us like to snack. Even if they are healthy snacks like carrots and hummus in comparison to something like chips, water consumption is still necessary and important. Making sure that you are drinking water along with these snacks can make reaching your water intake goal that much more attainable

3. Drinking tea at night before bed while winding down.

Naturally decaffeinated tea such as chamomile and other herbal teas can not only add to your daily water intake, but they can help you relax fall asleep; allowing you to be hydrated and get the proper rest that your body needs.

4. Carry around a water bottle

First thing first, carrying around a water bottle is extremely economical. Sure you can order water if you go out yo eat, but let’s face it, it can be a hot or miss with taste when it comes to the water that is provided. Not all tap water is delightful to drink. Although restaurants and most places will give you a free cup of water, if you want a bottle you will have to purchase it.

Bringing your own water bottle in your purse or backpack, leaving one in the car, or just having it in hand will ensure that you are prepared at anytime and any placed to stay hydrated and quench your thirst.

5. Invest in a good quality and appeling water bottle

I find that when I have something cute and aesthetically pleasing, I am more inclined to use it and have it around. I think the same idea is applied to a water bottle. Having one that fits your style, and space makes it easier to bring along with you. Ready to be filled up by a water fountain, you never have to worry about buying plastic water bottles, in turn helping the environment.

6. Set drinking goals

Set time periods throughout the day to drink a certain amount of water. There are clever ways to do this, like marking actual times on your water bottle. Or setting a goal of finishing a liter by a specific time during the day. Knowing how much a water bottle holds can give you perspective of how many of those filled water bottle/canteens that you strive to finish before you hit the sack at night.

7. Drink instead of mindlessly snacking

Whenever you have that urge to unnecessarily snack (Guilty as charged over here) instead drink water. A method that has been proven to be effective is to drink a sip of water in between counting to 100. This is thought to kick that urge to grab a snack when you’re actually not really hungry, but are mindlessly eating as we often do in times of boredom or stress.

8. Replace Juice and Soda with carbonated/Infused water

Some of us just enjoy the idea of drinking something sweet and delicious. Our first thought would probably be something like lemonade or a soda. Being someone who does not drink juice or soda during my day to day, drinking something like a sparkling beverage truly tastes like a treat, all while adding to my daily water consumption. It’s a win win!

Recommended brands:

Poland Spring Spring Black-cherry flavor Sparkling Water

This tastes like legit soda in my opinion. And with no calories, sugars, sodium or caffeine, it should be a crime to be this enjoyable without the quilt.

I also really love the Lime flavored Perrier sparkling water. A refreshing carbonated beverage that gives the same sensation as drinking a soft drink such as Sprite, without all the additives!

These are just two of my favorites, but there are so many brands and flavors out there to try! Let me know if you have others that are your favs!

Coconut water

Being active is an important aspect of wellness. Replenishing your electrolytes after completing active forms of exercise is also important. The electrolytes our body needs are often replenished by sugary sports drinks that we are used to, but they can actually be replaced by coconut water.

Coconut water is a great alternative to some sports drinks because it is high in potassium, which is great for electrolyte replacement.

9. Download an App

Some people are just tech savvy and like to have everything on their phones rather than in something like a notebook. Whether it is their calendar or alarm clocks, the applications on phones can be super reliable and convenient. So why not add an app that can also help you with drinking more water. There are three completely free apps that are highly recommended.

1. Daily Water

Daily Water is designed to help you set drinking water goals and track the volume of water they are drinking on a daily basis. The app allows for schedule reminders and offers a basic statistical analysis of the amount of what you have consumed over the course of a day, week or month. Download the app here.

2. iDrated

iDrated can monitor how hydrated your body is at any given moment, keep track of the last time you had a drink of water, and tell you when you are due to drink again. Learn more and download here.

3. Waterlogged

Waterlogged allows you to set reminders for yourself at scheduled or random intervals to get something to drink and keeps track of how well you are meeting your daily water drinking goals. Learn more about the app and download the app here .

10. Challenge with family/friends:

When you make something a competition, it can be inevitably more motivating and enjoyable. After following this challenge of consuming more water everyday, maybe it will become a habit that becomes apart of your routine. Get others in your life to download the apps as well or simply motivate each other, seeing who can stay committed to drinking a set amount of water. Having accountability partners in life can truly make all the difference. When it comes to health it is especially true!

What are some habits that you adopt to make sure you are drinking enough water everyday?

Wishing you Peace and Prosperity.

Stay hydrated

The information that is provided on Its all Wellative is solely serving an educational purpose, and is not intended to substitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult a licensed medical professional before altering your diet and/or lifestyle in anyway.

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